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Nov 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
everything is green. there's a couple areas that are magenta. we don't have any real problems in terms of icing on trees, even you folks in west virginia will see temperatures go up tonight before they go back tomorrow. there is a winter storm warning in effect for garrett county and for our friends in the valley. primarily for snow, but not until tomorrow morning and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. look at the temperatures, they are as warm as they have been all day. 36 in gaithersburg. 36 in manassas. 36 also in leesburg. so, what i'm concerned about is not so much icing, it's rain. we could see 2 inches of rain downtown by 11:00 tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that and talk about some of that rain. >> all right, thank you, top. they estimate 43 million people will be making their way over the river and through the woods to grandma's house. and the size of this mammoth storm, that's making some problems for them. in pittsburgh, slick roads sent one car off the road this morning, nobody hurt there. and the ripple effects are starting to be felt at airports just about everywhe
Nov 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
with the moisture. we'll keep a close eye on it. don't want snow on thanksgiving? >> no. let's not get crazy. >>> tonight in your only local news at 7:00 here's a scary thought. the men and women with their fingers on the triggers of 450 of the nation's nuclear weapons may be burnt out on the job. >> plus should your pilot's weight factor into whether or not he or she is fit to fly, why one group says it should. >> and batkid back to reality after saving san francisco, hear what he has to say about the whole experience. you know that's going to be cute tonight at 7:00. >> looking forward to him. >>> first it was redskins hall of famer darrell green, now the most veteran divide receiver publicly questioning rg3's [ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. th utat ps jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarel
Nov 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
received them four months ago. >> what gave you strength? >> my family. >> why don't we do some turkey bowling? we are like, what is that? just took off. and something that we look forward to every year. >> there we go. that's the way to roll a bird. >> donate our turkeys that we bowled with. >> police say an ocean city man with a long record of petty crime is the person that lit himself on fire and burst into a church food pantry. this is near the board walk. >> the resulting disaster stunned that beach front community. popular pastor is now dead and a church volunteer is listed in critical condition tonight. it happened at st. paul by the sea. that's on third street in ocean city and that is where scott broom is this evening. he has reaction. >> the pastor, one needing help and the other there to give, now both are dead. church volunteers in critical condition and then the entire community is in shock and the wake of what appears to be a bizarre act of a deranged man who set himself on fire. >> layed down his life for his friends. >> bishop, james, remembers pastor david, who
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)